Eat it, love it!

Healthy Eating  – ‘If I’m going to eat it, I have to love it! ‘

Since changing my lifestyle my thoughts on food have dramatically changed.  Here you will find some of my healthy eating  food favourites:

Photo of lemon & meringue dessert
Lemon Meringue Dessert (tap photo for recipe)

Coffee lover?  Check out my video tutorial to make one at home in less than 2 minutes.

Get your day started right with blueberry baked oats.  Filling and delicious, it’s also great for breakfast on the go.

Photo of blueberry baked oats
Blueberry baked oats muffin (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of a stack of pancakes
Leaning Tower of Pancakes – porridge pancakes, Greek yogurt & strawberries (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of porridge Pancakes
Porridge Pancakes (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of frittata
Salmon & Spinach Frittata (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of pasta bake
Chicken & Chorizo Pasta Bake (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of pizza
Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato Pizza (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of pesto chicken in pastry
Pesto chicken en croute (tap photo for recipe)
A photo of a turkey burger, chips & coleslaw
Turkey & Courgette Burger (tap the photo for the recipe)
Photo of Mini Frittatas
Red Pepper & Onion Mini Frittatas (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of spinach & cheese flan
Spinach, Red Onion & Cheese Flan (tap photo for recipe)
A photo of halloumi cheese fries
Halloumi Fries (tap photo for recipe)
A photo of cheese & bacon in a flatbread thin
Cheesy Bacon Flatbread Thin (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of a stuffed omelette
Chorizo & Cheese Stuffed Omelette (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of fried chicken, chips, mushrooms & salad
You don’t have to go out to eat like you’re at a restaurant! Homemade ActiFry chicken, chips & mushrooms (All included on WW UK No Count plan)
A photo of pesto & mozzarella stuffed chicken
Hassleback Chicken (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of carrot & brown lentil Dahl
Carrot & Brown Lentil Dahl (tap photo for recipe)
A bowl of butternut squash soup & garlic bread
Homemade butternut squash soup & garlic bread (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of chicken and red pepper quiche
Chicken & Red Pepper Quiche (tap photo for recipe)
Picture of steak & chips
Steak & chips mmmm (7SP Flex/Freestyle meal or all included on WW UK No Count plan)
BBQ chicken breast strips, sweet potato & salad meal
Taking the No Count plan on holiday- BBQ chicken breast, sweet potato & salad

Fast food lover?

Homemade cheeseburger & fries meal
Homemade cheeseburger & fries
Homemade doner kebab meal
Doner kebab – lean beef mince instead of lamb keeps this on the healthier side. (tap photo for recipe)
Photo of chicken
KFC style chicken (tap photo for recipe)

When I just want something filling, sausages & potatoes it is:

Chicken sausages, potatoes & peas meal
Chicken sausages, Jersey Royal potatoes & peas

Time for dessert

Photo of hot chocolate drink
Snuggle up with a delicious low sugar hot chocolate with whipped cream & marshmallows (tap photo for recipe)

My tasty alternative to ice cream:

Salted caramel, pineapple & banana sorbet
Salted caramel, pineapple & banana sorbet
Photo of a cheesecake topped with berries
Baked Berry Cheesecake (tap photo for recipe)
A bowel of mixed fruit salad
Fruit salad- quick & refreshing
Homemade popcorn with salted caramel sauce
Movie night! – homemade salted caramel popcorn

Tired of pasta?  Try this:

Courgetti Bolognese meal
Courgetti Bolognese – a healthy light alternative to spaghetti

I find daily meal photos a great way to review what you’ve eaten and refer back to when quickly looking for meal ideas.

Healthy eating daily menu collage

I swapped takeaways for fakeaways – healthy homemade versions of my favourite Chinese meals.

Photo of chicken chow mein meal
Chicken Chow Mein (Tap photo for recipe)
Homemade Chinese chicken curry & cauliflower rice meal
Fakeaway Chinese chicken curry with cauliflower rice & stir fry veg
Homemade king prawn fried rice meal
Fakeaway king prawn fried rice & stir fry veg (Tap photo for recipe)

When looking for a healthy eating out lunch option, I really enjoy Nandos chicken breast quarter with a crunchy corn on the cob & mixed leaf salad.  Packed with flavour and very filling (4SP on WW Freestyle Flex).

Photo of chicken, corn on cob & salad
Nando’s chicken breast, corn on the cob & salad

There’s something fishy around here….

Photo of salmon fillet in sweet chilli sauce with mixed vegetables
Sweet chilli salmon fillet & vegetables – 1SP on WW Freestyle Flex / No Count
Photo of mackerel fillet and vegetables
Fresh lemon & parsley mackerel, roasted Mediterranean vegetables & asparagus – Zero SP on WW Flex/Freestyle
seeded haddock & chips meal
Fridays can still be fish & chips dinner night -seeded haddock & Actifry chips.
Homemade creamy cod fillet with wholewheat tagliatelle meal
Creamy cod fillet with wholewheat tagliatelle & veg

Check out my story to 100 lbs weightloss, click here.

Photo of CC before and after weightloss
Then and now, 100lbs weightloss!

12 Replies to “Eat it, love it!”

  1. Thanks Cheryl for sharing your advice. I have lost the same weight, yoyoing weight for ten years. Maintence has always been a challenge. Your perspective and suggestions are solid and I plan to teach my goal and be aware and healthy.
    Thank you! I look forward to preparing many of your recipes. First I will convert to pounds and cups.
    Continue to enjoy healthy living.
    Off to purchase an instant pot.

    1. Hi Cha, I’m glad you found my blog helpful. I totally understand about maintenance, I’ll be writing more about that soon. Good luck with your continuing journey. Regards, Cheryl

  2. Wow! Thanks for all your advice! I’m just beginning, I’m not a cook so I need all the ideas and recipes I can get my hands on!

    1. You’re welcome. Before joining WW I never like cooking, now I love creating my own healthy versions of meals. Check back from time to time or subscribe for email notifications, I’ll be add more posts & recipes. Good luck with your journey.

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