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CC A Healthy Life and Me

Welcome to my blog.

Every  journey has to start somewhere and my journey to this place began 13 years ago when I was in the most unhealthy state of my life.  Morbidly obese with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aching joints and mobility problems.  I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without stopping on each one to steady myself.  It was time for a lifestyle change.

In this blog I will share my personal journey that transformed me into the happy, healthy person I am today and I will continue to live consciously to be my best self.  My experiences have helped me to learn more about myself, what works for me and what doesn’t.  Sharing thoughts,  ideas and tips is invaluable, after all knowledge is power, right?  The key is not to try to be like others but to be yourself.

Thanks for joining me, check out the ‘Eat it, love it!’ page for some of my food ideas and feel free to leave a comment or question.



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